replica rims?


Anyone have any info about these?
The only text i've found on them is a " M " and " made in Brazil "

Well, the center cap is a produt of the Shelby Wheel Company.

The wheel itself may be also. They were making a Craigar type of wheel in the '70s called the Super Snake. I had a set of them. They were not a very sturdy wheel. I broke one right out of the box mounting tires to them.

The chrome lasted one winter and peeled just like yours AND if that wasn't enough, the center section seperated from the steel outer rim, just driving down the road.

The fastening system that was used was a weld between the aluminum cast center and the steel out rim.

I don't remember them saying made in Brazil though.

Shelby's wheel company goes back into the '60s and cast wheels for the 66 GT350, 67 Shelbys 10 spokes and the Starburst knock offs for the 427 street Cobras.

They also were making wheels for others as well.

Gary Hall of Hall Pantera at one point told me that the Shelby Wheel Co was making the reproductions of the Campagnolo 10" magnesium Pantera wheels for him as well, while he owned the molds.

I have one of his catalogs here somewhere and if I can find it will check and see if your wheel looks like the '70s S/S wheel.

thx for the info :-)
I have a few more pics of them, i can mail them to you if that would help?

they have a cast aluminum center and steel outer rims, just as you said.


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