Tasca Ford vintage photos circa 65-67

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Jeff Nichols:
Don't forget that little Lotus Cortina---One Hot little Rocket, for its time. (They kicked alot of butt in SCCA).

Texas Swede:
Love those Lotus Cortinas. Used to own one and
it was like driving a go-cart.
Texas Swede

The Cortina was cornering on three wheels and getting big air like few others. Had a sound all their own too.


the person standing next to bob tasca is dean gregson he was bob's performance manger.i would asume the cortina is his, he had few road race cars in his day. 1 of which was a R-model exact ## i don't know off hand. he also had a 68 notch back 390 converted to scca trans am and ran few race till he rolled at thompson ct.he then got a 69 BIW from ford and boss 302 motor from bud moore.as dean told it ford shut down metuchen plant, but was probably a shift to build 1 body. i asume bob did some phone calling! LOL. he ran 9 or 10 trans am races 69-73 . then he got into a pinto for under 5 liter and i think at end of 74 season he hasn't raced since.

heres a side bit - dean gregson's crew both own 65 gt-350 they bought new and still own them!


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