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 on: Today at 03:36:55 PM 
Started by Coralsnake - Last post by propayne
Very cool!

It's in the opening credits and it looks like the "Quarter Horse" is Dan's (Burt Reynolds) ride?

Was it the car Dan August drove the entire season?

The hood is red with the center duct painted black.

- Phillip

 on: Today at 03:31:16 PM 
Started by 68er - Last post by Chris Thauberger
And your "motive" is...?

Me?  I the club $hit disturber  Grin

 on: Today at 03:29:55 PM 
Started by Don Johnston - Last post by gt350hr
   It won't happen here in MY lifetime . What's next electric boats across the ocean ? All those lithium batteries are non polluting right?? Good for France . Force a major provider out of their country ( Renault).  Now the pollution from China is all they have to worry about. Good luck trying to get them to stop polluting the air we all breath.

 on: Today at 03:06:47 PM 
Started by Don Johnston - Last post by terlingua11
......... the worlds gone mad. Simply mad.

 on: Today at 02:51:54 PM 
Started by Don Johnston - Last post by Don Johnston

 on: Today at 02:32:46 PM 
Started by Coralsnake - Last post by Coralsnake
Aka Quarter Horse...found some views on the youtube

Search for Dan August episode called "the Law" act 3

Strangely it has a red hood.

 on: Today at 02:31:07 PM 
Started by johngalt - Last post by johngalt
I prefer the earliest version.  However, at this point Im open to hearing about ANY 6.00/6.40 x 15 Blue Streak Sports Car Specials you have to offer that have diamond depressions where the sidewall meets the tread.  Small tread sipes or no small tread sipes.

 on: Today at 02:28:57 PM 
Started by richstang - Last post by richstang
The last 67 to ID, and maybe find a few more photos of, is this GT350 black with gold lemans stripes.
It looks to have 10-spoke rims as they dont appear to be chrome.

Heres the full list of 67s at SAAC 36;
AB GT500 #2599 outboards, no lemans, Magstars/BFG, hood vents, chin spoiler painted, AC, Auto
CR GT350 #0078 inboards, white lemans, Magstars/BFG, wheel lip moldings, USL (2nd pop vote GT350)
CR GT500 #0258 inboards, white lemans, oversized 10-spokes/BW, taped 7 on door
CR GT500 #2408 outboards, white lemans, Magstars/BFG, hood vents, right front antenna
DMG GT350 #0026 inboards, no lemans, Magstars/ Goodyear, USL
DMG GT350 #2124 inboards, white lemans, 10-spokes/ Goodyear/Polyglas GT (3rd Pop vote GT350)
DMG GT350 #2545 outboards, no lemans, Magstars/SL Goodyear (Concours Gold Div II) 
MG GT350 #0145 inboards, white lemans, Torque Thrust/BW, USL
LG GT500 #1767 inboards, white lemans, 10-spokes/LL Goodyear (Concours Bronze DIV II) 
LG GT350 #2289 inboards, no lemans, 10-spokes/BW
LG GT500 #2800 outboards, black lemans, 10-spokes/BFG old style
NB GT350 #1427 inboards, 10-spokes/Goodyear Eagle ST (1st Pop vote GT350)
NB GT500 #0316 inboards, no lemans, Magstars/LL Goodyear, parchment (LMC)
RB GT350 #0073 inboards, silver lemans, 10-spokes/BW, USL
RB GT350 #____ outboards, gold lemans, possibly 10-spokes/Goodyear Eagle GTII
WW GT350 #1308 inboards, blue lemans, Magstars/SL Goodyear (Concours Silver DIV II) 
WW GT350 #1462 inboards, blue lemans, Magstars/Goodyear Eagle ST
WW GT350 #____ outboards, no lemans, 10-spokes/BW, No22 on door, front CS plate

I did not see any Popular Vote GT500 winners. Perhaps there were no entries?

 on: Today at 02:22:02 PM 
Started by Silver Bullitt - Last post by Silver Bullitt
Sent you a PM on this...

PM sent back.

 on: Today at 02:13:48 PM 
Started by Coralsnake - Last post by propayne
Not sure about '58 Edsels, but I would keep an eye on eBay for broken or incomplete Edsel promos where the parts I need are ok or if a company like AMT did a model kit where parts could be sourced.

- Phillip

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